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Premium 6 speed K-AWD gearbox (choose FD)

2390 $

Short description

Premium series, 6 speed K-series AWD gearbox.
The one you can choose Final Drive! 4.10; 4,38; 4.7; 5.1 (mark in the order). If you want to order this product with LSD installed – send us an inquiry for the current price!

Premium series means:
▪️selected gearboxes of low mileage,
▪️etched, preserved aluminum
▪️galvanized steel elements (double coating, first thick silver layer, top layer gold)
▪️cleaned, inspected and prepared, then reassembled – ready to use

If you value exclusive products, great appearance and the highest quality possibile, this is definately something for you!
Fits all K-series engines (K20, K24). Comes with transfer case as a complete.

Price includes shipping cost within US!
*Ask about product if you want to get it shipped somewhere else*